Standard Belt – 1.25″



We use a solid 10oz English Bridle leather. We hand select the best cuts of hide to ensure a durable, high quality strap. We cut the tip and finish the edges by beveling, hand dying, or burnishing the edges smooth. We hand set the snaps so you can interchange your buckle at will. All belts are handmade in the mountains of Asheville, NorthCarolina. Our belts should last at least 20 years. If within that time you have a problem with it, send it back, and we will make you another one.

Belt Size:

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Sizing Guide


Take a belt you currently use and measure the length from where the leather is attached to the buckle down to the hole that you use most. The belt size is NOT the total length of a belt. The correct measurement is where the leather meets the buckle down to the center hole of the finished belt.

As a general rule of thumb, the belt size is your pants size plus 2 inches.

Paul Taylor Custom Sandals Belt Sizing example

Example: A 36" belt measures 36" from the leather end at the buckle to the middle hole.