Sandal FAQ

I have really (wide feet, narrow feet, large feet, small feet.) Can you make sandals for me?

Yes. I have made everything from a woman’s size 2 to a man’s size 21, and from a AAAAAA to an EEEEEE. I can make you sandals that will fit even if you have two different sized or shaped feet.

Are these sandals for men and women?

Yes. While many men prefer the wide strap designs, all of my designs work equally well for men and women and look great on every foot. While I refer to certain styles as having narrow straps or wide straps, I actually cut the straps slightly narrower for smaller feet and slightly wider for larger feet. If you like a particular design, but are not sure if it will look “masculine” enough or “feminine” enough for you because of the strap width, just ask when placing your order and I will make the appropriate strap-width modification.

How long does it take to get a pair once I place an order?

Sandals take 4-6 weeks, sometimes fewer, and sometimes up to 8 weeks depending on our demand and production schedule.

What if I don’t like them after I receive them from you?

We guarantee fit, form, and function.  As long as you are willing to commit to the break in process, we will do everything in our power to make the sandals work for you.  If we can’t, we will make you another pair or give a refund minus a materials fee.

Are they going to be all-day comfortable when I first get them?

Probably not. Most of the sandal styles do require a break-in period. The first couple of weeks you will start by wearing them an hour or more each day, gradually increasing the time each day. It takes about twenty-five hours of active wear to get the sandals formed to your feet. You must be willing and able to wear the sandals for the break-in period. There are no shortcuts to hurry this along! Getting past the break-in period requires a commitment on your part. There is nothing I can do to make this easier. But, I will say that most of the people who do comment on this say that their experience was a lot less trouble than I had indicated.

What if there’s a problem with them?

I warranty the materials and workmanship of my sandals for 2 full years. If, during that time, you experience any problems due to either, I will repair or replace the sandal at no charge to you. I will even pay your shipping cost to me. I give top priority to repair work and usually complete all repairs in a day or two. The exceptions to this warranty are mechanical damage, (my dog chewed my sandal) and I do not warranty the bottom sole of the sandal at all except for separation. After the 2 year warranty I will repair your sandals, but there will be a charge. Please see the Repairs page for more information.

Do I have to return them to you if they need repair work?

Resoling your sandals can be done by any competent shoe repair shop. All other repairs are best done by me in my shop.

Just how long will my sandals last?

That’s kind of like asking how long is a piece of string? I have many customers who are wearing sandals that are ten, fifteen or twenty years old. I also have had people wear their sandals out in two or three years. How long they will last will depend on how hard you are on them, where you wear them, and how you take care of them. With average wear, care and repair, a pair of sandals should last between five and ten years.

What about that strap between the toes. Doesn’t that hurt?

A strap between the big toe and second toe or around the big toe is one of the keys to a great fitting sandal. If you want to be really active, then that’s the way to go. Unlike rubber sandals and flip-flops, my sandal straps are all leather, which will form to the space between the toes. In a short time you will not even notice this. This is perhaps the question I am most often asked. However, all of the sandals I make are between-the-toes styles and the feedback I get is that the stability offered by a toe strap is well worth the week or two of break-in time.

Can your sandals be adjusted for fit?

Yes. All of the styles except Style #6 and Style #10 which are not available for internet/mail order—are fully adjustable. The straps on my sandals are all one piece and can be pulled to make them looser or tighter as needed. Sandals come with complete instructions and diagrams for doing the adjustment. It’s not needed very often, and hardly ever after the first couple of months, but you will need to fine-tune the fit when you first receive them and again a few weeks later. After that, it’s usually just a matter of tightening the buckle or knot closure.

Do you offer styles not on this website or can I design my own?

During the years, I have made many other styles of sandals. The ones here are the best of all of those I have made. These styles are the ones I know will fit and be comfortable for you. I do not make other styles.

How do I choose the colors and sole options if I order Sandals by internet/mail?

If you are ordering by mail, then I have a Sandal-By-Mail kit that contains samples of all the materials I use to make sandals. The color choices, and closure choices are purely a matter of taste and preference. Bottom sole choices should be made according to how and where you plan on wearing your sandals most often. If you are still undecided, you may always email me. I am always happy to answer any questions you may have.

Do you have a favorite or “best” style?

That would be Style #4. I have been making these for all of the years I have been making sandals. This style is great for all-day walking. It looks terrific on every foot. It is the sandal style that I wear. It is the Sandal I make for my friends and family.

Can I get these wet?

Yes, within reason. These are leather sandals. Occasional exposure to water will not harm them. Walking in the rain or on wet grass is fine, but you must let them dry afterwards. Wearing them for jet skiing or for digging in the garden is not a very good idea. Remember, how and where you wear these and how you care for them will pretty much determine how long your sandals will last.

Just how do I take care of my sandals?

I recommend wiping off the straps and footbed with a damp cloth monthly. We will include a sample of Leather Therapy™ with your new sandals. After you finish cleaning your sandals and they dry, wipe on a thin coat of the Leather Therapy™ and again let the sandals dry. That’s it. Once a year, take an old toothbrush and remove as much dirt as possible from the holes in the footbed where the straps attach. If you store your sandals for the Winter, clean and treat them before putting them away. Store sandals in a cloth bag or a cardboard box, never in plastic bags.

Are the sandals I order by mail the same as the ones made in the store?

All of the sandals I make are of the same quality. Mail order sandals are exactly the same as sandals purchased at the store.

I have some special foot issues. Do you do “corrective” or Orthotic sandals?

Yes. However, I am not a medical professional and I do not do evaluations of any medical problems you may have. I strongly recommend that you see a Podiatrist, Orthopedic Surgeon or Pedorthist prior to ordering sandals if you have unresolved medical issues. I can usually duplicate, from your existing orthotic, an orthotic correction, install heel lifts up to 1/4″, build in metatarsal pads, and provide some relief for plantars faciitis. Arch support is standard in all of my sandals, but I can do extra high or extra long arch supports as needed. All of these are built into the sandal and are permanent. The cost of “corrective” sandals is usually about $25 to $150 more than the base sandal price. In most cases I can do these corrections on mail-ordered sandals. However, I do not guarantee the effectiveness of any corrective work. While these adjustments are almost always successful, I make no promises. If you have special needs, please email me before ordering a Sandal-By-Mail Kit.

I really like the look of the knot closure on the narrow strap style, but do I need to tie and untie this every time I put the sandals on and take them off?

No. You never really untie the knot. You slip the strap over your heel to put the sandals on or take them off. This is true for straps with buckle closures as well. However, the wider strap styles do require that you buckle and unbuckle them to put them on and take them off. And Style #1 does require that you tie and untie them. Consider these issues carefully before ordering your sandals.